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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is the Foundation Plan?
    The Foundation Plan is the entry-level tier of the HerPractice™ Community, designed to offer you a direct pathway to elevating your practice through accessible and actionable content. It grants you unrestricted access to our entire HP Library, which includes decades of marketing, sales, and operational knowledge through Templates, Guides, Workbooks, How-To's, and SOPs, all aimed at helping you scale your practice efficiently.
  • What resources will I have access to in the Foundation Plan?
    As a member of the Foundation Plan, you'll have access to our extensive Content Library, which includes done-for-you templates to simplify your daily operations (no design skills needed!), guides for deep dives into specific practice areas, workbooks for hands-on learning, how-to's for practical application of skills, and SOPs for standardizing your practice processes.
  • How often is new content added to the library?
    New resources are added to the Content Library every Friday! We constantly update our library with fresh content to ensure you have the latest strategies and tools at your disposal.
  • Is there a trial period for the Foundation Plan?
    Given the immediate access to a wealth of proprietary resources, the Foundation Plan does not include a free trial period. This ensures the integrity and value of the materials provided to serious members committed to growing their practice.
  • Do I get access to the community hub and live events?
    The Foundation Plan is focused on providing you with impactful content to build and scale your practice. It does not include access to the community hub or live events. If you're interested in live events and having direct access to Dr. Christina - a 16+ year chiro expert - we would love to have you in the Growth Plan!
  • Can I upgrade to a higher tier if I want more community interaction?
    Absolutely! If you find yourself wanting to engage with the community or access live events and exclusive courses, you can easily upgrade your membership to the Growth at any time.