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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can the community help me grow my practice?
    The HerPractice™ Community provides tools and strategies for business growth, patient retention, marketing, and most of all - we help you tackle & eliminate your imposter syndrome. The collective wisdom and experience of our members & mentors are invaluable assets in navigating the challenges of growing your practice.
  • How often does the community host events or webinars?
    We host a live Hot Seat Coaching Session once a once with HerPractice™ founder, Dr. Christina, which is a unique opportunity where members join a group call. Each session, four members are selected for live hot seat coaching. These chosen members receive direct, live coaching from Dr. Christina in front of the entire group.

    We’ll also offer two live Q&A Sessions a month, which provide direct access to expert advice and insights. One session each month is hosted by Dr. Christina, while the other features both Dr. Christina and Dr. Jessica, offering diverse perspectives and a wealth of experience.

    PLUS (yes...it gets better), we’ll have a Guest Expert Session that will come in once a month outside of the chiropractic profession! (still a badass business women but not a chiropractor - think accountant, lawyer) bringing a wealth of knowledge for a whole hour!
  • What kind of resources are available in the community?
    Members have access to a wealth of downloadable resources including done-for-you marketing materials, financial planning tools, business workbooks, and a library of content specifically tailored for chiropractic entrepreneurs. New resources will be added to the Content Library WEEKLY!

    There are also daily prompts from our “Beyond the Practice” journal, which helps you reflect on the woman behind the chiropractor.
  • I'm getting ready to start my practice, but I haven't opened my doors yet. Is there community still right for me?
    Absolutely! In the HerPractice™ Community, we meet you where you are right this second, help you to determine where you want to be, and hold your hand as you get there. Whether you're a student, a recent graduate, or you have a little skin in the game, this community is for YOU!
  • What type of questions can I ask?
    We welcome any and all questions related to starting, growing, and managing a successful chiropractic practice! Whether it's a personal question specific to your situation or a more broad, overarching question - we'll get you the straightforward, zero-fluff answer! We only ask that you refrain from "clinical talk" and discussing patient cases or clinical findings.